Monday, December 26, 2011

Best of 2011

I hope everyone had a happy and wonderful holiday with their families!!

In celebration of the new year we wanted to take this week to review some of our favorite projects of 2011. I hope you enjoy them and maybe find a few that you missed during the year!

My favorite project of my own was my daughter's Vintage Inspired Nursery.

Nursery 19

I loved this project because I had so much fun on it and it was about a dozen mini-projects. Working on it was a labor of love that added to my excitement over the arrival of our sweet Hannah, and each completed project felt like crossing off a week until her due date. I love sitting in there now and looking around at all of the personal touches that I pulled together before I even knew her, something I barely remember now that I have my little sunshine.

Mygirl 4

My favorite project of Tiffany's was her daughter's Pinwheel and Polka Dot party.


Tiffany has a great knack for making the little details amazing, and this party was no exception. The colors, the fun mix of patterns, the vintage vibe and sweet paper details were all perfect. I was amazed that Grandma even got in on the action and added beautiful complimenting dresses for the girls! It is all too sweet!


My favorite project of Patrice's was her sweet Baby Boy Nursery.

DSC 0132

This beautiful nursery has a beautiful calm vibe with fun pops of whimsy. Don't you just love the hot air balloon mobile and wall art? I also love the sweet dresser re-do, it's classy, peaceful and lovely. I love every element in this room.

DSC 0334

I was so excited that Jessica started doing the Pinterest roundups each Friday, because I always love her pins. She finds some of the most fun little tidbits online!

Jenna 2Bstocking 2Blogo 2Bfixed

I loved this 150 stocking stuffer ideas because I am always on the lookout for little tokens for my loved ones at Christmastime. I didn't even have to hunt them down, there was a plethora of ideas waiting for me at this fun link.

We are owls

I also loved her scarf love board, I'm a sucker for scarves anyway and I'm crazy over this fun script scarf!! Thanks for pulling together such lovely beauties Jess!!

Did you have a favorite project of 2011? Are you doing a "Best of 2011" sometime this week? Link up in the comments, we'd love to see!!

And to our British readers, Happy Boxing Day!

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