Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinterest Paper Trees

 I started pinning holiday ideas pretty early this year. Pinterest really got me in the mood for Christmas decorating for sure! One of my very first holiday pins was also one of the first things I made this season.

My inspiration was this gorgeous paper tree...

 {image via}
 I loved the gold newspapers they were using, but went with something I already had in stock, old book pages. I simply glued my pages around a branch from the yard. All of the supplies were free and it couldn't have been easier!
Here was my result...
Not quite a full or perfect, but just right for me! I have tried out a few other Pinterest holiday projects this year, you can see some of them here on my family blog...Happy December and official decorating season!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Pinterest Inspired Thanksgiving

I got the opportunity to host Thanksgiving this year!  That made me so excited!  I was not responsible for all the cooking which made it stress-free.  I don't think I am quite ready to cook a turkey yet.  Maybe one of these days.  But I did get to work on making things cute with our big girl and son.  We had so much fun preparing little details to welcome our guests!  

And wouldn't you know...Pinterest came to my rescue!  

I found this paint sample turkey that came from Lizard & Ladybug blog and thought it was so stinkin' cute!  Simple and kid-friendly.  Perfect.  

pic via Pinterest and originally from Lizard & Ladybug
We picked up a bunch of fall-colored paint samples at the hardware store and I let the kids go to town making turkeys.  I loved seeing what they came up with.  My three-year-old son's turkey in the middle makes me smile.  He wanted wings and a hat rather than feathers!  LOVE it.  

Next up were these cute place cards made with felt that came from the Sheek Shindigs blog and originally inpsired by Pottery Barn.  So adorable.  And all you really needed was felt, hot glue, and sticks.

pic via Sheek Shindigs
I wanted to use supplies already on hand and floral foam was not one of them.  This meant that our little ships would lay on the plates instead of stand up.  Oh, well.  I still loved them.  We used popsicle sticks and I let my big girl write all the names with a red marker.

Finally, there was a turkey onesie that I couldn't stop staring at because it was one of the cutest things I had seen in awhile.  The pic on Pinterest said it originated from The Happenings of the Hermanns blog.  My friend, Jill also made an adorable turkey onesie for her sweet baby that she shared on her blog, Barnes Yard.  SO cute.  

pic via Pinterest & originally from The Happenings of the Hermanns
My baby girl had an old onesie that was almost too small.  I found fabric scraps, cut out a turkey and feathers, heat and bonded them on, and sewed the edges.  So fun!  I added buttons for eyes as the final finishing touch.

And I ended up making big sister a matching turkey shirt too!

It was such a fun and happy Thanksgiving!  Hope yours was too!

Thank you, Pinterest.  Did you all use any ideas from Pinterest for your Thanksgiving decor?  I would love to know!

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Happy Tuesday!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Rag Ball Ornaments

Welcome to our week of Pinterest!! Have you made anything this month with Pinterest as your source of inspiration? Be sure to stop back by on Thursday and link it up at our Pinterest Linky Party!!

I had made up my mind that, due to a crazy November and December, I was not going to make any new holiday decorations this year. Then I saw these and that was completely out the window. I am crazy over the colors, fabrics and textures, and already had some in my stash, so there was no reason not to start on this as soon as humanly possible.

237213105342473965 fD0AAfTX c


Pint 5

I pulled out my scrap stash and was thrilled that I had some neutral linen and white burlap already in thin strips. Perfect.

Pint 3Pint 6

I grabbed some plastic ornaments in neutral colors, thinking that if the colors peeked out a but from underneath the scraps that it would be less noticeable than with green or red ornaments.

Pint 4

I wrapped a thin strip of fabric around each ball, layering them on top of on another and securing each end with hot glue. This was a really fast moving project since hot glue dries almost immediately.

Pint 1

As I worked I removed an ornament from the pedestal, covered it in fabric, and then put it back into the pedestal. I decided not to cover every ornament in the end because I like the mix of shabby chic rag balls and the glam of the glass ornaments. What do you think?

Pint 6

This project is so easy and a great way to dress up plain ornaments. What colors would you use?

Don't you just love Pinterest?! Me too! If you want to follow my boards, you can find me here.

Have a great week!!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Finds {Pinterest-My Style}

{Pinterest can even help you shop}

These commercials crack me up. I adore this woman {Maria Bamford} and I'm sure most of us have been in her {suit} at one point during the holiday season.


The {Dealyo} is a one-stop hub for all your holiday survival needs. They not only have a countdown to the big finale, but have come up with various ways to save time over the holidays and have prioritized a fabulous checklist...check them out! Here's the helpful list via {Dealyo}.


The Peaceful Mom has provided a {FREE} Black Friday shopping list that conveniently keeps you on track...there's no need to waste time going in unnecessary stores! Thanks for the freebie!


They have even laid out your Black Friday {oh so cute} shopping outfit. If you don't already have may be adding this to the list of things for the day! I think this is simply perfect for ringing in the shopping spirit.

Best of luck shoppers! I'd love to hear about the bargains you find!

Happy Shopping LTC!



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Personalized Card Seals {A Silhouette Project}

Ever since I added a quick little embellishment to a card I sent a follower awhile back, I started thinking about using my Silhouette SD to make personalized Card Seals for the holidays. While I need to get a little better at gluing the words/ embellishments in a cleaner way, I think the idea of a little personal element to an otherwise standard envelope might just be too much fun!

I haven't decided what I am going to add to my holiday cards yet, but here is the one I did for an LTC follower that got the thinking process started.

What do you think? Is there a way you could make this work for you, and jazz up your holiday cards too? I'd love to see if you come up with anything too!

Happy Wednesday,


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Boy Room Reveal

We finally took the plunge and moved our little man into a big boy bed.  He is almost 3 1/2 and was definitely ready.  I am never ready for new phases with my babies but getting a chance to decorate a new room sure helps!    

This was his room before the switch.  I posted about it here.

First up was a new wall color.  I chose Polar Star by Valspar.  I was super happy with my choice.

Here is his room upon entering today.

Would you believe my sister found that old school desk (that I LOVE) at a Goodwill for only $8?  She called me right away and asked if I wanted it.  Sisters are awesome.

He requested a "cars and trucks" room and that is what he got.  I acquired the wall decor through Etsy, Hobby Lobby, The Country Living Fair, my basement, my Mom, and one of my big sisters.  

I simply taped old car photos inside of frames.

His birthday is July 15th which is the meaning behind the 715.

The license plates are from states where my husband and I were born or where we grew up.

The Valvoline hat from his Halloween costume was perfect to hang on a hook in his room.

My sister started collecting bouncy balls for me a long time ago when I mentioned they would be cute in a jar.  And the little jar is filled with Daddy's old micro machines.

I loved the front of these maps so I just pinned them to the wall inside of an empty frame.

Of course you know there had to be a banner in his room.  Cheaper than curtains and a curtain rod and I love them!

The bedding is actually the underside of a Pottery Barn plane quilt that I found at a yard sale when he was a baby for only $5.  I wanted a red quilt so I flipped it over and it works great!

The bed was around when Daddy was little and the sheets were ones he actually slept on.  The pillows were made by my Mom and I using an old shirt of Daddy's, a Silhouette studio image of an old car, and a plane cut from my son's old shirt.

I love his new room.

It was a hit with our little mechanic too.

Thanks for stopping by Lemon Tree today!  

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, November 19, 2011


Congratulations to this week's winner to the Home for Hire shop, Heather Brewer!

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Congratulations!! I will be emailing you with information about your prize!

Don't forget, you can get 15% off of your order at Home for Hire by entering the codeTREE15, now until Thanksgiving.

Thanks for entering and everyone have a wonderful weekend!!

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