Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Like Wednesday: Larabar Bars

This post brought to you by LÄRABAR. All opinions are 100% mine.

So by now you all know that I am all sorts of preggo. I'm near the end of my second trimester right now, and for those of you who've been there you might remember that this is the stage where you are STARVING pretty much all of the time!! I've been looking for a good snack that will keep my energy up, is safe for a pregnant woman, without lots of calories and actually healthy. I finally found one that's great, and I had to share it with my lovely LTC readers, LÄRABAR bars.

I should probably point out that these aren't ONLY for pregnant women, that's just one group that they're great for. They're all natural, with no sugars or sweeteners, no preservatives, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, soy free and koshser. So basically, they're good for you! And the best part is that they taste gooooood!!

They come in tons of flavors (19 to be exact...I checked) so I have sampled a few of them. Is it too stereotypical to say that my favorite is the Chocolate Chip Brownie?! Hope not, it's so good. It's dense like a yummy brownie, has a not-too-sweet dark chocolate flavor with almonds and walnuts. Another favorite is peanut butter cookie. The texture is similar to the brownie bar, pretty dense but you don't mind since it isn't too sweet, and tastes just like a peanut butter cookie! My husband has been able to sample a few as well, and just chimed in that he really likes the peanut butter and jelly flavor.
I was glad to discover that these are priced pretty reasonably, between $1-$2 per bar, so they don't break the bank. There is a coupon on their website right now for $1 off 2 Larabar bars, so go grab a Coupon and pick a few to try out for yourself!
PS-Any The Biggest Loser fans out there? (I'm guilty of this one.) Did you see that Larabar was featured on last night's episode by Brett?!
Hope you are able to get your LÄRABAR coupon and try a few out for yourself. If you do, come back and let me know which is your favorite. I'm having trouble steering myself away from that Chocolate Chip Brownie bar, but a good reader recommendation might be just what I need. :)
Have a great week!!

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Jodi March 10, 2011 at 7:21 PM  

I got my coupon, now I can try them. I would probably like the chocolate one too! :) I am a Biggest Loser fan too, Tuesday nights is usually quick supper, so that I can get to the TV in time to watch.


Alicia March 11, 2011 at 6:09 AM  

Larabars have also been featured in Clean Eating Magazine. This si such great news 'cause I love to eat healthy, but I still have my moments when I JUST WANT CHOCOLATE!

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