Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year-end Favorites!

I have to say, I work with some awesome crafters! I am continually intrigued by their creativity. I regularly find myself taking a sneak peak at their posts before they are set to publish. I just can't help myself, I get so excited to see what they are up to. That being said, I'd like to review a few of my favorite posts of the year from some of my favorite ladies.

Erin, from Mondays:
I have to say that Erin is the glue that holds us all together. Without her, there would be no LTC! She continually amazes me with her creative ideas. My favorite post of hers this year has to be the Express Necklace Knockoff. I always knew she could rock home decor, but this necklace took her crafting to a whole new level, don't you think?
Tiffany, from Tuesdays:
Before I even began working with Tiffany I totally stalked her blog, Happy Day. She can pull off Pottery Barn style better than any crafter I know. Her simple, yet ingenious ideas look as if they jumped right off the pages of a magazine. Her posts tend to embody my idea of what "effortless style" is. I would say my favorite project of hers this year is the Reformed Nook.
Amy, from Fridays:
Talk about a girl who can throw a party! What would it be like to be one of her kids? I would be looking forward to my next birthday party 365 days of the year!! I think her favorite party of hers was the Flower Birthday Party.
Jessica, from Fridays:
Of all of the contributers of LTC, I can say without a doubt that Jessica thinks outside of the box more than anyone. She will take the most common, everyday objects and turn them into something totally fabulous in an instant. Her entire house is a tribute to this talent, trust me! I think my favorite post of hers is the Mason Jar Band Wreath.
I hope you enjoyed looking back over some of the years best projects! Maybe you will feel inspired to take a look back over some of these girls other great posts from this year.

ON A SIDE NOTE: We still have not been able to contact the winner of the Cutting Edge Stencil for December! CRYSTAL, Please comment or email me with you home address and favorite stencil! Otherwise, we will be re-selecting a winner this Saturday, the 1st!

Happy New Year!


Leah December 30, 2010 at 8:19 AM  

I will be happy to accept that prize for Crystal if she doesn't get in touch with you! ;)

TLF December 30, 2010 at 9:55 AM  

That mason jar wreath is my fav!!

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