Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Finds {Pinterest-My Style}

Fall-tography {Pinterest Inspired}

Photography has always been a number one priority in my families life. My fiance works as a photographer and gives such fabulous inspiration on a daily basis. I on the other hand am simply amateur, but REALLY enjoy being behind {and in front} of the camera.

The fabulous change in the weather makes for the perfect combo of cloudy and colorful days to capture just the right shots.

I found a couple of shots I wanted to share via Pinterest and couple from Tim and I that I had pinned to my {ispy with my lil camera board}! Enjoy!


I fell in love with this shot. We were engaged last October and I hope to have a fall wedding as well.. keeping this photo inspiration on the back burner just in case!


I love this photo of Tim and I. This was my regular turning the camera around and hoping for the best! PS! Gotta love Instagram! {follow me @ j_johnson}


Wow! This always impresses me; I enjoy my friends and admire their hobbies {especially when I receive jars of honey at my door}. What a great time of year to capture the daily lives of the ever so, hard-working bee.

I would love to see what inspires you to snap a shot. Leave me a comment or let me know your Instagram user name! I'd love to follow you!

Happy Friday LTC!


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